Friday, 27 May 2016

What I am Doing Right!

Well, today it doesn't feel like a lot, which is the best time to write this so I can remind myself that all is not lost.

-I did a triathlon on the weekend.  Sure it was a Try-a-Tri, but I did it!  Swam 100m, biked 11 km and jogged/walked 2 km.
-I ate cottage cheese with blueberries and pecans for lunch today.
-I made a veggie stir fry last night with green beans, cabbage and asparagus to eat with our pork chops.
-The kids and I went on a reduced sugar diet for 2 weeks, no added sugars, no juice, no pop, no candy, no chocolate, no syrup... I caved only once, until yesterday.  Part of why I need to do this post now.
-I did some gardening - picked weeds and planted new plants - felt good to be outside and get natural exercise.
-I shaved my legs... does this count... it should!
-I bought a new CO2 for my Soda Stream, for making sparkling water, so now I am drinking water again.

So, I can do good things, I just have to remember that.  I will try not to be so hard on myself and forgive myself for caving on the sugar (2 days before we were done).

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